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7 September 2023

On threatened species day a number of Recovery Plans and Conservation Advices were released by the Federal Government for some of the nation’s most at risk species. For Tasmania, this included a recovery plan for the Swift Parrot and a conservation advice for the Maugean skate, both  endangered species. 

However, the management recommendations for both species differ substantially. Advice for the skate recommends, “significantly reducing fish biomass” in Macquarie Harbour, which properly addresses the main threat. But the Recovery Plan for the Swift Parrot does not require any changes to existing forestry practices, despite scientists identifying native forest logging as the key threat to the species for many years. 

19 May 2023

 A recently released report from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies confirms that the Maugean Skate is now on the brink of extinction. This has been driven by a drop in oxygen levels that commenced with the expansion of salmonid farming in the Harbour. TISC calls on the State and Federal Governments to act immediately to prevent the extinction of the Maugean Skate in Macquarie Harbour.


21 July 2023

A report from the Tasmanian Independent Science Council (TISC) has found that the shallow, sheltered Long Bay lease is not suitable for open pen salmon farming. The report shows that the salmon farm has been a major contributor to water pollution, persistent nuisance algal blooms and damage to nearby reef and seagrass habitats. TISC calls on the EPA and relevant Ministers to not extend the current licenses, and to ensure that the new Environmental Standards do not further weaken the existing rules



April 2023

TISC has produced PLAN B: an Alternative Vision for Salmon Aquaculture in Tasmania. This ten-point framework focuses on three fundamental principles – world class science and innovation, full transparency, and fair and equitable returns – outlining a more sustainable way forward for the creation of regional jobs and for protecting the environment.

TISC honoured in the Legislative Council

22nd November 2022 

TISC were honoured to be the subject of a speech given by the Hon. Meg Webb MP to the Legislative Council. Meg highlighted TISC’s work elevating science in public policy making, particularly in regards to salon farming, climate change and freshwater policies. Watch her speech below.

IPCC author condemns Tasmanian coal mine as false solution 

29th August 2022 

Emeritus Professor John Church comments on the announcement of a coal mine in lutruwita/Tasmania.

14th November 2022 

Dr Graeme Wells urges caution on proceeding with the Marinus Link, given the lack of economic analysis.

It pays to do proper analysis before making a final investment decision on Marinus Link 

26th May 2022 

2nd August 2022 

Read Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick's opinion piece on the state and national fin fish inquiries, originally published in the Mercury.

Tasmania gets it right and the feds get it wrong with fish-farming inquiries

17th August 2022 

CT and TISC call for faster progress of strengthening Tasmanian climate legislation 

TISC and Climate Tasmania urge Parliamentarians to adopt our ammendments to Tasmania's climate change law. 

Read Dr Lisa Gershwin's thoughts on the Government's response to the Legislative Council Fin Fish Inquiry, covered in the Mercury on August 18. 

Co-instigator welcomes Government response to Fin Fish Inquiry

16th August 2022

Monitoring our coast a vital role

11th August 2021

Let scientists finish salmon study

Christine Coughanowr writes about the risks to the Derwent River of expanding salmon farming in Storm Bay in the Mercury.

19th July 2020
Professor Ben Richardson and Dr Jen Sanger were interviewed by the Launceston Examiner about the importance of science in strong environmental protection legislation, and identify weaknesses in how forestry is treated under Australia's national environmental law.

14th May 2021

Dr Edward Butler writes in the Mercury about the need for better oversight of Tasmania's coastal waters.

The state of Tasmania's rivers

10th and 11th August 2021

Christine Coughanowr speaks about the state of Tasmania's freshwater resources to ABC Radio and in the Mercury.

Experts have their say on Tasmania's environmental laws
MEDIAThe Tasmanian Independent Science Council seeks to lead the public debate on the role of science in policy on environmental stewardship through the media.


How many jobs are generated by the Tasmanian salmon industry?

23th February 2021

Dr Graeme Wells writes about how many jobs are really generated by the Tasmanian salmon industry in the Mercury.

Co-Instigators of the Fin Fish Farming Inquiry Celebrate Final Report

24th May 2022 

Read the Dr Lisa Gershwin's thoughts on the Tasmanian Legislative Council's Fin Fish Farming Inquiry Final Report. 

We need a sunset clause on flow-through hatcheries 

Christine Coughanowr writes for the Mercury about the issues with flow-through hatcheries, and makes suggestions on how these issues can be rectified. 

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